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Distance and online learning programs are becoming increasingly popular across all student populations, especially in Missouri. Online schools in Missouri are a great option for many students looking to earn a college degree. New web technology allows you to attend classes and learn from anywhere. And new tools allow you to collaborate with student and teachers all from your computer. These technologies make attending an online college in Missouri even easier. So, how can you learn more about online college in Missouri? And online schools in Missouri are the best for you? We have lots of information to help you make an informed decision. Many students in Missouri attend larger online schools such as Kaplan or University of Phoenix. These popular online colleges have very advanced technologies and offer flexible degree programs. To help you narrow down your options we ranked many schools using multiple criteria including:

  • Accreditation status
  • Collaboration and technology
  • Overall program reputation
  • Program cost
  • Program flexibility and credit transfer options
  • Financial aid access


We strongly recommend that you get more information. It is important to read more about each program. You can start here and request more information from some of these top online colleges in Missouri or you can use our search box to find a more specific program. Requesting information is easy. Fill in some contact information to receive a packet of details about a school. Then if you want to learn more you can schedule a counselor session with a representative from the school to help you find the best program for you.

Top Accredited Online Schools