About Us

About Us:

We all learn differently. Too often, our U.S. educational system focuses on a singular method of learning. Our mission at OnlineSchoolsMissouri is to challenge the idea of one-size fits all when it comes to education. We provide information and an open-minded philosophy about other alternatives.

A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.
– George Santayana (Educator and Philosopher)

Traditional Brick and Mortar Education

Historically learning has happened in a classroom. Formal schools have been around since ancient times, and while the format has changed slightly over the years the concept of grouping students in a centralized location has remained relatively constant. Traditional learning has proved effective and we strongly recommend learning through adolescent years in this type of environment. But as we grow up through our teens into adulthood, this one-size fits all approach doesn’t work for everybody.

Other Learning Styles

There are other learning styles beyond formal schools. Humans learn through seeing, listening, and doing and sometimes the traditional classroom does not always provide all of these learning opportunities.

Technology is providing students the opportunity to learn in a more flexible environment. Students are learning on the web, on cross continental video conferencing, and even on their cell phones. Others are learning through a more focused on the job training and other vocational programs designed to teach specific skills.

Recently online degree programs have emerged as flexible and effective alternatives to traditional schooling. The acceptance of online education is growing. For some, flexible online school programs are the only realistic options because of time, family, and economic constraints. It is ok not to attend a full time 4-year college program? In fact, recently highly respected business people are giving scholarships (up to $100,000) to students who have proved themselves capable of learning outside of the traditional classroom setting.

To be clear, we are not promoting less education. We are promoting the quest for learning styles that work best for unique individuals. We are promoting lifelong learning in and out of the classroom and highlighting that education is not only about schooling.

Online Schools Missouri Website

Our website is here to provide users with three resources:

1. An online classroom resource for learning about Missouri
2. Information about careers and salaries in Missouri
3. Advice and information about non-traditional learning styles and accredited online schools and colleges