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Arts and Design Careers in Missouri

Do you love to create art? Whether you are drawing, painting, sculpting, or creating an image via your favorite image editor, if you are passionate about creation of art, then you should consider a career in arts and design. Whether you aspire to create imagery for a corporation, design animation for television and film, or simply want to create paintings that will capture the world’s imagination, a career in art and design may be exactly what you are looking for. The state of Missouri offers both residents and non-residents the chance to discover the various avenues of this fascinating field of study, giving you the opportunity to find the niche that is right for you and ultimately, discover what form of art and design you truly love!

Potential Careers in Arts and Design for Missouri Online Graduates

A career path in arts and design is ideal for the creative individual who loves to create artistic imagery and enjoys learning about the different disciplines of artistic design. Why? Because no matter what type of artistic avenue interests an individual, a career path in arts and design will allow them to fully realize his or her dream. Individuals who choose to obtain a career via one of the many online schools in Missouri will have the ability to enjoy some of the most fulfilling and creative careers in the world.

Individuals who are interested in the field of arts and design may want to consider a career in the following fields:

  • Animator

    • You can design the animation for commercials (and yes, in television and film).
  • Film and Video Editor

    • Individuals who have chosen this profession are sought after by television studios, colleges, universities, and more.
  • Graphic Designer

    • From designing logos to creating brochures for a company, a graphic designer is one of the most in-demand professions today.
  • Web Designer

    • Every business needs a website. In fact, every business needs a good website. Thus, this is one of the fastest growing careers today.
  • Video Game Designer

    • The video game industry is ever growing; as a result, companies are constantly looking for talented video game designers to help them design the next big blockbuster.

No matter what career field you choose, one thing remains true for graduates who hold a degree in arts and design: they know how to think outside the box. Many employers love seeing this in potential employees, especially since employers are always looking for candidates with a well-developed sense of creativity.

Obtaining an Arts and Design Degree via an Online School in Missouri

Missouri has a few arts and design programs that are offered throughout the state. One of the best online arts and design schools in Missouri for obtaining your arts and design degree is at The Art Institutes in Saint Charles, MO. If you want a career that is hands-on (e.g. animation, sculpting, etc.), it is here that you will be able to discover exactly what you want to do with your arts and design degree. Additionally, another quality online arts and design college in Missouri is the University of Phoenix located in both Kansas City, MO and Springfield, MO. Both campuses will allow you to obtain degrees in web design as well as multimedia and visual communication. Thus, if you are interested in using your artistic talents in the realm of technology, you may want to consider attending one of these online schools in Missouri.

Unfortunately, not everyone can dedicate the proper amount of time to attending on-campus classes. Even so, there are a variety of choices when it comes to determining which online college you wish to attend. For the individual that wants a career in computer animation, graphic design, or even media design, Full Sail University offers a variety of programs with your career of choice in mind. In addition, Walden University offers a program that will allow students to obtain a degree in web and mobile applications design, an exciting field that will only continue to grow. Finally, individuals interested in online arts and design schools in Missouri that are aiming for a career in web site design will want to consider Ashworth College.

Employment Statistics

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income for an individual with a degree in arts and design is $40,000. Below are a few careers and their respective annual wages in some of Missouri’s most populated cities:

  • Commercial and Industrial Designers: $55,040
  • Technical Writers: $54,830
  • Writers and Authors: $53,430
  • Art Directors: $77,280
  • Multimedia Artists and Animators: $47,610

With two major cities (Kansas City and St. Louis) in close proximity to one another, Missouri is a great place to obtain an art and design degree. With the need for creative people blossoming as the use of technology increases, this is undoubtedly one of the best times to obtain a degree of this nature. Attending one of the many Missouri arts and design schools online will allow you to do this on your own time, meaning you can fulfill your dreams, no matter what obstacles you encounter.