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Health and Medical Careers in Missouri

The desire to help people heal and return to their everyday functions is a noble pursuit, and if you have such a desire, then you will want to consider a health and medical career. Careers of this caliber are important and vital for a society to function properly. Unfortunately, there are so many jobs in these fields that there are simply enough qualified people to fill them. The long waits in the emergency room are not always because of poor planning or an unexpected crisis, but rather because there are not enough people with the necessary skills present at the clinic.

Potential Careers in Health and Medical for Missouri Online Graduates

Most people are aware of the doctors and nurses that seem to provide the bulk of health care. However, they are not always aware of the other staff members who play an important role. In addition, the education required for different types of nurses vary tremendously. Online health, medical, and nursing colleges in Missouri provide the kind of education one needs to get ahead in this field.

Some careers with growth potential and consistent employment opportunities in Missouri are:

    • Dental Hygienists
      • They are responsible for cleaning the teeth and gums, as well as performing x-rays and a variety of treatments before after the dentist begins working on the teeth.


    • Diagnostic Medical Sonographers
      • They use ultrasound technology to detect abnormalities within the body. They are responsible for getting the best images possible for proper diagnosis from a specialist in the field of medicine at hand.


    • Medical Assistants
      • The duties of medical assistance usually include regular office work, checking a patient’s vitals, and working alongside the doctor.


    • Nurses
      • Individuals who choose this field can be either a Licensed Practical (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN). An LPN will work under the supervision of an RN and both perform medical tasks, may assist in surgery, and are responsible for basic health care.


    • Physician Assistants
      • They are able to perform some of the same tasks that a Physician practices. A Physicians Assistant (PA) may make medical diagnoses for patients and works under the supervision of a physician or surgeon to write prescriptions.


  • Physical Therapists
    • They are often responsible for supervising Physical Therapy Aides or Assistants in activities provided to individuals in order to recover from an illness or injury. In addition, they will develop care plans and recovery goals for each patient under their care.


Regardless of the amount of education you currently possess, if you truly want to help people get well, there is a career for you. Given that there are so many online health and medical colleges in Missouri, there is a way for you to get the training you need even if you cannot attend a traditional university or college. If you can only devote a small portion of your day to your studies, attending Missouri health and medical schools online may be ideal for your pursuits.

Obtaining a Health and Medical Degree via an Online School in Missouri

The University of Phoenix is a well-known college that also has a physical presence in St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield. They offer training in a variety of healthcare fields and are a popular choice for many students needing to further their education through online schools in Missouri. Another option is the National American University. With a physical location in Lees Summit, it is easy to contact them with any questions; and their online programs mean you can earn your degree solely online or part-time in the classroom, or part-time at home.

Both schools offer different types of classes, although it is important to note that some degrees require a certain amount of hands-on training or previous certification. For examples, nurses will need to perform clinical training hours in their area or already have an Associate Degree in nursing to finish a program online. Whichever avenue you choose to take, make sure you have a set game plan in mind before you dedicate your time.

Employment Statistics

Although the professionals in this field understand that the top priority is lending help to others, they also make a decent living doing so. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported the following salary data for those health care professionals working in the state of Missouri:

  • Dental Hygienists earn an average salary of $29.87 per hour.
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographers can expect to earn a typical hourly wage of $28.48.
  • Medical Assistants do not have a specific wage quoted by the BLS for 2012; however, other sources quote approximately 13.57 an hour is a common wage.
  • Licensed Practical Nurses receive an average wage of $16.87 an hour.
  • Registered Nurses earn about $27.96 per hour.
  • Physician Assistants earn $34.37 an hour.
  • Physical Therapists report a salary of $31.38 per hour.


For those inhibited in their pursuit of higher education in the current economy, the Internet has proven to be a valuable tool. Many people entering the health care field today are not the typical college student from 20 years ago. Today, there are many Missouri health, medical and nursing schools online that meet the specific needs of non-traditional students.