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Education and Teaching Careers in Missouri

Do you find that you take pride in teaching others new things? Perhaps you are your happiest at when you teach a new employee or one of your colleagues how to accomplish a new task or skill at your current job. No matter your current situation, if you enjoy teaching others about anything, then you likely have what it takes to obtain a career in education. This is a great thing, especially since Missouri is experiencing a phenomenal amount of growth in the education field.

How much is the education and teaching sector in Missouri growing? Since 2001, it has grown by approximately 16% with a projected increase of 14.38% by 2018. With a market that is growing this rapidly, it is in your best interest for you to consider a lab report writing help and teaching, especially if you love teaching people new things!

Potential Careers in Education and Teaching for Missouri Online Graduates

With a degree in education and teaching, there are a variety of careers you can pursue that will allow you to do what you love the most: educate your students and inspire the leaders of tomorrow. A career in education and teaching is incredibly rewarding, and the following careers will ensure that your career becomes memorable for years to come:

  • Education and Teaching Administration

    • You will be responsible for overseeing other teachers and ensuring that the day-to-day activities at an educational institution function optimally. Additionally, you may also work at a company as an administrator who oversees trainers, and ensures that they train their future employees properly.
  • Early Childhood Education

    • If you love children, early childhood education may be ideal for you. You will have the opportunity of teaching children (usually ages 5-10) as they learn the basic skills needed to become responsible and functional adults.
  • Postsecondary Instructor

    • If you prefer teaching college-age adults, then a career as a postsecondary instructor may be ideal for you. Depending on the subject you decide to focus on, you will have the pleasure of teaching adults and ensuring they obtain the skills required to complete your course.

Despite the career you may choose, one thing is undoubtedly true: you must be patient, focused, and have a desire to teach individuals of all walks of life. With these virtues in place, you will have the correct mindset to begin applying yourself to obtaining a teaching career.

Obtaining an Education and Teaching Degree via an Online School in Missouri

Residents living in Missouri will be happy to know that there are online schools in their state that will allow them to attend the classes necessary to complete their degree via the Internet. One such school is DeVry University, and if you want to obtain a Master’s in Educational Technology, you will definitely want to request more information about their degree program. Another great online college in Missouri is Walden University. This incredible schools offers degree programs such as a BS in Educational Studies as well as a Doctorate in Education for those that want to further their education past the 4-year mark.

For those who desire a teaching position in the public school system, Kaplan University provides Masters Programs for teachers who will to teach students from K-12. Finally, Capella University is an online education and teaching school in Missouri you will want to consider if you want to become a school counselor. Capella University offers a PhD course in Counselor Education. With so many choices at your fingertips in Missouri, you are sure to find an online school that will allow you to realize your dream of teaching on your own time.

Employment Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average income in 2008 for Missourian education professionals was an average of $43,000 annually. The following are a few examples of income levels one can expect once they complete an online education and teaching college in Missouri:

  • Art, drama, and music teachers, postsecondary: $58,790
  • Social work teachers, postsecondary: $58,690
  • Business teachers, postsecondary: $71,220
  • Mathematical science teachers, postsecondary: $56,620
  • Law teachers, postsecondary: $101,830

Many families call Missouri ‘home,’ and as a result you can expect to find an abundance of schools and institutions needing the aid of teachers more than ever. From large metropolises such as St. Louis to smaller, scholastic cities such as Columbia to even smaller communities along this great state, you will undoubtedly be able to make an amazing career as an education professional in Missouri. It’s easier than ever to obtain a degree in education and teaching, so make your dreams realized, and begin the journey of enrolling into an online school in Missouri today!