Some of the Best Chamber of Commerce Sites in Missouri

Some of the Best Chamber of Commerce Sites in Missouri

Missouri has a Chamber of Commerce in nearly every city and town. Whether working to improve relationships between businesses and government bodies, teaching business members the tools they need to grow their companies, or helping tourists around Missouri; Chambers of Commerce are helpful organizations.

Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s main mission is to foster and grow business within the region. They represent all business, large and small, whether corporation or small business. The Chamber is composed of thousands of knowledgeable members who can provide expert legal advice and are well versed in policies and lobbying. The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the largest business association in the state with over 3,000 employers and over 425,000 employees.

Becoming a member of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has many benefits. If you are a business owner in the region, consider joining the Chamber to take advantage of the many opportunities.

  • The Chamber will represent you to the fullest extent possible when facing the Missouri General Assembly, small and large governing bodies, and in court. They will do everything possible to lower taxes on businesses, limit regulations, improve education systems and foster economic development and growth.
  • The Chamber has expert business planning and tools available for you to use. They have many ways to help you grow your business and network.
  • Members have access to publications, seminars, programs, and other Chamber-based materials that non-members do not.

Eminence, Missouri Chamber of Commerce

This Chamber of Commerce is located in Eminence, Missouri. Nestled in the Ozarks, this small town is made of only 600 residents. Named one of the best sporting towns in Missouri, there are many wonderful outdoor things to do in Shannon County. The river that runs through the middle of town is great for fishing, swimming, and lounging. There are many caves and historic sites, places to golf and canoe, scenic river ways, and the famed wild horses.

Columbia, Missouri Chamber of Commerce

The Columbia Chamber represents a great community with an excellent school system, a low cost of living, great health care, and plenty of entertainment. The environment is diverse with people of all ages making up these quaint towns. There are three colleges as well as retirement communities to create and eclectic atmosphere with a lot of great people.

Greater Kansas City, Missouri Chamber of Commerce

The Kansas City Chamber represents a huge population with a bustling business network. From healthcare and management to podcasts and technology, the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce works to create business relationships between local companies and state governing bodies. They have many diverse resources to help members grow their businesses. The Chamber offers members many different perks for becoming involved in the community. There are members’ only meetings, publication, and growth materials which help businesses to thrive.

Life in Missouri is exciting, beautiful, and communal. The many neighborhoods offer creative shopping districts for residents and tourists. The health care system is stable, and businesses are thriving. The local Chambers of Commerce help to keep this system working and thriving.