Obscure Facts about Missouri

Obscure Facts about Missouri

Many people may think that Missouri has nothing exciting to offer tourists, but they couldn’t be more wrong! Sure, there are no ocean side beaches and seafood stands. There are no world class ski resorts or movie studios. Rarely are celebrities seen walking down the streets. Missouri does, however, have a great climate, pleasant people, and a lot of unique tourist attractions!

Things to See in Missouri

1.   The World’s Largest Ball of Twine. This gigantic ball of twine is located in Branson, Missouri. It measures a whopping 42 feet around, weighs over 6 tons, and is composed of 29 varieties of nylon string.

2.   The World’s Largest Pecan. This huge sculpture is located in Brunswick, Missouri. It has been sitting on the roadside of George James’ farm since 1982. This Starking Hardy Giant variety of pecan weighs 12,000 pounds and measures 7 x 12 feet. It represents the strain of pecan discovered by James in 1947 and is a symbol for the booming pecan industry in Missouri.

3.   The World’s Largest Goose. This statue is located in Sumner, Missouri; wild goose capital of the world! This 40 foot tall model has a 61 foot wingspan and weighs in at a massive 4,000 pounds. She was flown in by helicopter in 1976 to represent the Goose festival. An audio system reveals her story and her history.

4.   The World’s Largest Praying Hands. Located in Webb City, Missouri, this sculpture of praying hands weighs a massive 100 tons and stands 32 feet tall! This statue is a symbol of peace, forgiveness, and a reminder to all who see it to think of others and to call on God for help.

5.   The World’s Largest Ball of String. This monster of a ball has a circumference of 19 feet and tips the scale at 3,712 pounds. The ball was created with tons of mailing string. The creator had postmasters and neighbors saving all the string they could for him during the creation process.

6.   Nuclear Waste Adventure. You heard me; a nuclear waste adventure! This attraction is located in Weldon Spring, Missouri. This mound is made from nuclear waste which was deposited in the town during a clean-up effort in the 20th century. The federal government has established a museum on the site and the whole experience is absolutely free!

7.   The Whispering Arch. Located in Saint Louis, Missouri, this arch in Union Station has a beautiful appearance and a very unique property! If you look directly at the wall and whisper into it, a person on the other side of the arch can hear what you are saying as clearly as if you were saying it in their ear.

8.   Cave Vineyard Wine Tasting. This truly unique experience is offered in St. Genevieve, Missouri. Travel underground hundreds of feet to experience wine tasting in a cool, dark cave. Enjoy the subterranean fish pond and live music along with your wine and cheese!